Date(s) - Sunday, 2/17
11:15 am

Fellowship Hall


It is our Third Annual Fellowship Luncheon celebrating Lunar New Year.

2019 completes the 12 year cycle – Rat year (2008) to Pig Year (2019). Since the Pig was the last animals to arrive among all other animals, the Pig is known as a lazy and slow animal in some Asian countries. But do not fear if you were born in a pig year. Pigs are a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. They are known as a gentle and rarely lose their temper. Even if they do loose their temper, it is never a dramatic commotion.

Pigs are believed to be the most compatible with Tigers, Rabbits and Goats. But they do not get along with Snakes and Monkeys.

Whether we are best matches of not, our PUMC family will get together and celebrate the Lunar New Year on 2/17 after the 10am service.

If you are willing to help with cooking, setting up or cleaning, contact Hyosang Looking forward to seeing you all on February 17.