Longest Night Worship Service

Date(s) - Friday, 12/21
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Sanford Davis Room


Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will very likely notice a few persons around us who are not very excited about the approach of this holiday season. As a matter of fact the range of emotions among this group of persons may go from disinterest to hostility, and much that’s in between. Such reactions may be dismissively labeled as abnormal or ‘Scrooge-like’ by the purveyors of Christmas cheer whose hands are furtively dipping into our pockets and purses. But even the genuinely joyful and focused Christians, who can hardly wait to get into the real spirit of Christmas, may frown on those who prefer to withdraw from public life and view at this time of year.

It is in affirmation of this group of grieving or lonely persons, who number more than we can imagine, that we are once again hosting our Longest Night service at PUMC. We understand that grief and loss are intensified in the limelight of celebration, so we have created a service that downplays the cheer, and uplifts the need for sobriety and the need to be in the shadows of painful remembrance. We believe that God is with us, even in the darkest of nights; so on the evening of this year‘s Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year – there will be an elegantly designed service of worship and remembrance in the Sanford Davis Room. We welcome everyone to our Longest Night Service at 7:30 on Friday, December 21st, and particularly those who prefer to commemorate Jesus‘ birth in a minor key.