Date(s) - Wednesday, 2/19
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Princeton United Methodist Church


January 15 – February 19
Meets Wednesdays 5-6 pm during Children’s Choir Practices, childcare will be provided.
ParentingForward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness by Cindy Wang Brant
This book equips Christian parents to model a way of following Jesus that has an outward focus, putting priority on loving others, avoiding judgment, and helping those in need. It shows how parents must work on dismantling their own racial, cultural, gender, economic, and religious biases in order to avoid passing them on to their children. “By becoming aware of the complex ways we participate in systems of inequality or hierarchy,” the author says, “we begin to resist systemic injustice ourselves, empower our children, and change our communities.”