Date(s) - Sunday, 1/13
8:00 am

Fellowship Hall


Dr. Dulivanette “Annette” Muyala Onema-Orbach was born in the United Methodist Hospital at the Wembo Nyama Mission Station in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a child, she came with her family to the United States, where her father attended college in Iowa.

Annette completed her MA. and E.D at Indiana University.    

Annette has been a United Methodist her entire life! She was raised as a “preacher’s kid”. Her father is a retired Bishop of the United Methodist Church in DRC. She and husband Frank Orbach are proud parents of five adult children.

Dr. Onema-Orbach is the current Chair of the Methodist based Eastern Pennsylvania Congo Partnership. “Our Partnership seeks to bring the renewal and restoration of spiritual and material ministries for the whole Church and especially its children.”


Annette’s presentation titled, “Does Jesus really love ‘all the children of the world’?” will focus on Christian Education, specifically children’s ministries in the Central Congo Episcopal Area. She will show a video of the children and will speak about the challenges children’s ministries face today in Congo Episcopal Area.