Bearing Fruit – Spiritual Gifts

Have You Ever Wondered About Your Spiritual Gift(s)?
Image of wheat and asking "What is Your Spiritual Gift?

Our church provides a series of small groups centered around Spiritual Gifts Assessment! It has been available to all of us, so won’t you join us in this spiritual discovery? What might be the amazing potential for service in our community if all God’s people in this congregation knew, grew and poured out their gifts in love of others? Please watch the Chimes and Bulletin for future opportunities to attend a Small Gifts Assessment workshop. Put it on your calendar, especially to eat, then “get gifted.”

After a short orientation session on spiritual gifts, the large group will split into small groups, facilitated by trained leaders, for the discussion, assessment and naming of the specific giftedness of each person. Groups can be naturally (affinity/geography/etc.), or randomly, assembled, as the body decides. Following that revelation, or confirmation, of each person’s gift(s), each group will plan their next gatherings to discover our unique spiritual styles, to enable us to recognize our way of working our gifts, and then our specific fruit of the spirit, to determine where we are to start in the use of our own gifts.

This series is an outgrowth of PUMC’s collected experience with the Natural Church Development work, which is being applied now at the individual church attendee’s level. As the NCD resources used are copyright protected, a small fee/donation for our personal book and testing materials (~ $10) is needed.

We also invite you to read the articles in this section.

  • Introduction to Spiritual Gifts: Articles on what spiritual gifts are, why you would want to discover them and how you might use them.
  • Discovering Your Gift: A series of articles on the various spiritual gifts, the scriptural background for the gift and how they are used to serve the church, community and world to make Disciples for Christ.
  • and Resources for Discovery: A page with a downloadable pdf file of a brochure and links to information on the books used for the Spiritual Gifts Assessment workshops.