Discovering Your Gift

Would you like to discover what your spiritual gift is? We invite you to read the pages in this section where we will discuss each of the gifts in greater depth.

In This Section You Will Find:

  • Giving, Hospitality, Mercy and Poverty Gifts that are directed to helping the underprivileged in society and in the church.
  • Knowledge, Organization, Wisdom Gifts which help our human minds discern God’s will, use information from creation, scriptures and experience to generate new ideas that grow both our understanding and God’s Kingdom.
  • Arts, Crafts and Music:  Gifts given to creatively express an idea or feeling through various artistic media, gifts that help create a framework for the church to accomplish its mission, and enrich the worship experience with music and art that praises God.
  • Evangelism and Missionary: Gifts which enable us to reach out to the community and proclaim the gospel and help people grow in their knowledge of Christ.
  • Leadership, Apostle, Teaching, Counseling and Shepherding: Gifts which direct and promote the vision, experimentation, capacity strategy, training, or progression of church life teach others so that they may become disciples for Christ, and reach out to people for admonition and encouragement as they face personal or spiritual questions or troubles.
  • Helps, Service and Singleness: Gifts given to persons who serve others, or who serve under other leaders, who serve Jesus by being available for many specific support needs, who help groups or organizations, rather than individuals, or through singleness, enhance other gifts already given to them for use within the church, community or mission fields.

….More articles on additional spiritual gifts are coming each month. Please return here to learn more in future months!