Introduction to Spiritual Gifts

In This Section You Will Find:

  • Thinking About the GiftDo I wonder what spiritual gifts are?  Or if I know them, how to use them? I think I may have a talent, or a skill, that I’ve developed and nurtured for my work, or family, or pleasure, but is that the same thing as a spiritual gift? Or is the difference between how and when I apply that gift? If God wants me to use my gift for others and the church, why isn’t this gift obvious to me, or to others who know me?
  • Got Gifts? Each person, including youth, at Princeton United Methodist Church is invited (encouraged, urged, blessed) to discover his/her own spiritual giftedness through a small group setting which allows exploration of their gift(s), their spiritual style, and their potential paths for using a gift in service to the church and community.
  • Gifts — What’s The Point?  What matters is we put at God’s disposal what we have been given, and developed, to serve unselfishly, and in doing that we receive more joy from God’s presence within us than we could have without His provision for us.