Got Gifts?

Every believer has been given at least one Spiritual Gift, by the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit, for the common good (1 Cor. 12:7).

Have you seen this image somewhere in the church, in articles, within recent days?

It is a 3-color representation of the Trinitarian nature of God: Creator (green), Jesus (red), and Spirit (blue), and shows how we as believers may relate to each of the three persons of the Godhead, and how we each know, grow and sow our gifts.

Each person, including youth, at Princeton United Methodist Church is invited (encouraged, urged, blessed) to discover his/her own spiritual giftedness through a small group setting which allows exploration of their gift(s), their spiritual style, and their potential paths for using a gift in service to the church and community.

Our personal objective in growing as disciples of Christ is to use our spiritual gifts, in bearing Love, the Fruit of the Spirit, to others; this fruit is greater than our gift in God’s will (1 Cor.12:1-11;13:1-13). We can join God in wiping away the tears of the suffering in the present. As we wipe away the tears of others, God wipes away our tears.  As we feed other’s hunger, God satisfies our real hunger, beyond earthly bread.  We gather eternity into the present moment by joining God’s final promise today, placing us with the saints around the throne (Rev.7:9-17).

Please join a small group at PUMC in this exciting, and challenging, discovery and development of your spiritual gift by signing-up for a meeting day and time at The Connection Point in the Sanford Davis Room. You’re now thinking, “I am curious about my gift, and I know I’ll be blessed by using it for others.  I can do this!”