Pastor’s Weekly Update

June 4

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Dear Beloved PUMC Community, 

“He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him. He came to what was his own, and his own people did not accept him. But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who were born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of God.”  

~John 1:10-13

Watch Pastor Jenny’s Video Update

Watch Video Conversation between Pastors Ginny and Jenny

Continuing to think about the Flames of Pentecost
and the unrest that is so present in our world right now around racial injustice.

Please watch my video for my reflection. This week, my video is a bit longer than usual, and it’s nearly all reflection, with just a few quick updates. Rather than trying to summarize it here, I’m going to post a few links, which have been helpful to me, and I hope will be helpful to you.

Bishop Schol’s letter from May 28 – after the killing of George Floyd

Bishop Schol’s letter from June 1 – protests as boiling over

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Challenge to the Nation’s Social Scientists – Particularly helpful is his insight around Urban Riots

Transmission: Radical Spirituality in Uncertain Times – An edgier set of ongoing conversations, which began specifically around the pandemic, and have shifted (on May 28) to talk deeply about racial injustice and all that has been spurred from the death of George Floyd. The project is a joint effort between Dan Wolpert (Presbyterian Pastor and Executive Director of MICAH: The Minnesota Institute for Contemplation and Healing) and Mark Van Steenwyk (Executive Director of the Center for Prophetic Imagination). Dan and Mark live in Minneapolis, Dan just a few blocks from where Mr. Floyd was killed. They will challenge you and nudge you out of your comfort zone.

PUMC Prayer Vigil to End Racism

PUMC will hold a five-day, 24-hour-a-day, prayer vigil to end racism beginning Thursday, June 4. As a church community, we will pray without ceasing, wherever we are, in whatever form you like, from Thursday at 5 pm through Tuesday, June 9.   

  • Click here for the link to sign up for a 30-minute time slot when you will commit to pray each day to end racism. Pray anywhere, in any way. We assume most people will do this at home.
  • We’ll kick things off with a Zoom call today(Thursday) at 5pm, click here for the Zoom link. (You do not have to participate in the Zoom call to participate in the Vigil)
  • We’ll have another (optional) mid-way point Zoom call on Saturday, June 6, at 10am. Here is the Zoom link.
  • The Relationships and Faith Culminating Event on Sunday, June 7, from 4-6pm will also connect with these matters, as we talk about intersectionality between racial, economic, gender injustice, and close with action steps you can take to make a different in the struggle for justice for all people.  Click here to join Via Zoom
  • And we’ll close the Vigil on Tuesday, June 9, at 5pm. This will be both live-streamed on our Facebook page and Website, and you are also welcome to come physically to the church. (You must wear a mask and remain socially-distanced).   
  • If you’d like to come to the church to pray,you are welcome to do so at any time. Though the church building will not be open, there are some “prayer pods”(aka hula hoops) set up for you to come and be, and invite others to come to as well. Add a prayer flag at the prayer station in front of the church doors as well. 

Watch for more resources, which we’ll push to you through email and Facebook, including a Prayer Guide (available on Thursday evening) and art from Art Against Racism.

Thank You and Congratulations!!

Confirmands! And their leaders and mentors

  • Ana Cabus, Elli Collins, Rosalind Hayes, Camille Jones, Ben Nalbone-Ashworth started their confirmation journey in January and have continued their studies via Zoom these past two months.
  • If you weren’t able to worship with us this past Sunday, you’ll want to go back to the archive on our website or Facebook to do so. It was supposed to be Confirmation Sunday, but instead, the confirmands led us well. 
  • Each of them have written their own version of the Lord’s Prayer. Ana offered hers last Sunday. And each will have theirs shared in worship over the next month, along with a faith story. We’ll resume these again on June 14.
  • Hyelim Yoon and Sarah Betancourt led them well, with support from Evangeline and Skitch.
  • Mentors, Helen Curtis, Larry Curtis, Kelly Mills, Tayler Necoechea, and Christine Shungu, have walked with each one through this journey.

We will hold an actual Confirmation Service at some point in the future. Stay tuned!


June 7 is Communion Sunday!  Gather bread or crackers, juice, water, or wine, along with your candle, cross, and bible. Keep something red there with you to continue to remember the season of Pentecost that we are in.

After worship, we’ll have our monthly Virtual Coffee Hour – choose your favorite nativity animal and join the Zoom call to spend some time with your PUMC family.  See our website for the links!

Longing to Belong series 
Even before physically distancing ourselves because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us experienced loneliness, division, and disconnectedness. Even before we knew anyone could be carrying the virus, we had some degree of fear of others and / or their judgment. Even before we all had to wear masks, we hid behind a metaphorical version, trying to show others what we thought they wanted to see from us in order to accept us more. And so we long and struggle even more for “True Belonging”, as Brené Brown calls it. Let’s dive in together to see what it is to truly belong – to God, to yourself, to one another.

Share YOUR Stories on FlipGrid

Though our Easter Talking the Walk worship series has come to a close, our story-sharing has not! Over the next few weeks we’ll hear stories from our Confirmands in worship. And we still want YOU to tell your stories too!

FlipGrid is the place we’ve set up for you to share those stories, where you can take a quick video of yourself and easily hear the stories of others too. You can even respond to the stories of others by sharing a quick video back. And there are some really powerful stories that are already there! 

This is very informal. Don’t stress over writing something or teasing out a perfectly told story. Just share for a few moments. Have fun! Be brave! And it’s also easy to show and tell – share art or play some music. I find it’s sometimes easier to have someone ask me a question or two to help me along. I hope you will try it out!! 

Because, like many apps, there’s a slight learning curve, I’ve created a video to help you along. Here’s my instruction video about How to FlipGrid!  Be sure to log in as a STUDENT.

Take a few minutes and Go to our FlipGrid and Tell Us a Story. . . !

More Things to Note

New Sign-in Method and Worship Help Wanted 
We are working to improve your experience of signing in to worship. Please bear with us as we try some things out!  The Breeze Team welcomes your feedback!

We are also ready to train and involve some of you to help with worship technology and production or leading Tuesday prayer. We also are looking for help with our church social media and networking. Some of these tasks can be done from home. And some would require you to be present (physically distanced) during worship in our building. Let me know if you would like to know more about these ministry opportunities.

Worship on our PUMC Website!!  

You no longer have to go to Facebook to worship with us online. We now live-stream to both Facebook and our Website. Don’t forget to invite a friend to join you!

We’ll continue our Tuesday prayer services, which you can find live on Tuesdays at noon on our Facebook page or on our Website.  This is a contemplative service, with no homily. There are some familiar prayers and scripture, some silence, a chance to share your intercessions. And our leadership will rotate among Ginny, Skitch, and I, as well as some of our lay leaders.  These are always followed by an optional “lunch” via Zoom. And they are always archived as well, so you can enter into that contemplative space any time you want.
Worship Materials and Prayer Requests
You can always find worship materials (bulletins, inserts, calendar, hymns, etc) on our website. You can always send in prayer requests to Pastor Skitch or add them to the Facebook prayer request post by 9am on Sunday morning for public inclusion into the prayers of the people. 

We respond to God’s Love as Joyful, Engaged, Generous Disciples of Jesus Christ. 
Thank you for your gifts, your tithes, your offerings, and going Above and Beyond!

Your joyful and generous responses to God’s love in the form of your financial gifts are continuing to make ministry happen. We thank you for continuing to share your tithes and offerings, keeping up with your pledge commitments you made last fall. And we thank you for the ways you’ve shifted your giving to mail and online giving.

Now you can give through text message or through PayPal. Check out our PUMC giving page for details.