Curiosity Pastor's Note

We might be putting away our Christmas decorations and ringing in the New Year, but as poet Ann Weems declares, it is not over.


This Epiphany season Princeton and Kingston UMC’s are meditating on holy curiosity. We will follow the Wise People to Bethlehem as they give into their curiosity– going after the light that leads them to Christ. Together we will reclaim a child-like sense of wonder as we lean into the invitation to slow down, listen, and notice.

In my life, I hear God inviting me to experience God’s grace through the eyes of the children and youth of Princeton, Kingston, and Hopewell UMC.


Our children are thirsty to experience God’s presence and church community. I have heard a number of parents tell me that it was their child who pleaded to come to church that morning, they didn’t want to miss out. I’ll admit that I don’t always share their same eagerness to jump out of bed on a Sunday morning, but their joyful and energetic attitude reminds me that we, the church, are better together.



Our youth are excited about what scripture has to say, yet not afraid to have doubts or curiosities. I’m not sure that even in seminary I found a group of people so willing to embrace the complexities of scripture so readily. In fact, their questions make their faith and mine that much stronger because they know God can handle their big questions.


It is not over. As we enter into this New Year, I invite you to sit and reflect with me. Where is the Holy one being born in your life? Who or what is the light that points you to Christ?

I hope you will join me and the Wise people, watching with our hearts, listening, always listening for angel words.


With love,
Pastor Tayler