How Does Your Garden Grow? featuring Carol Kuhlthau

Hello, I am Carol Kuhlthau. I’ve been a member of our church for over twenty years. I continue to be amazed at the reach and depth of PUMC ministries. 


The Wesley Foundation, the Methodist fellowship for Princeton students, is one of the ministries you may not know about.    My husband, John Kuhlthau, was active in The Wesley Foundation when he was an undergraduate in the 1950’s. 


Our Rev Skitch Madsen is current Director and spiritual advisor.


In spring semester 2021 I was one of the PUMC members invited into conversations with a Wesley Foundation college student about our faith stories.  I had the wonderful experience to be paired with Paige Allen, an extraordinarily talented, deeply spiritual young person.  Throughout the semester we met weekly on zoom to share our faith journeys. 


We talked about what was happening in our lives and dug into some big questions.

How do you connect with God?  When you feel overwhelmed, scared, angry or burdened what do you do? Where is God working in your life right now?


We ended up sharing our hopes and dreams for each other into the future.  Paige was looking to learn how people live out their faith beyond college years. These conversations shortly after my husband’s death were a great comfort and inspiration for me as well. We each were blessed in a special way.


As I consider my pledge to PUMC this month, I am thinking about the reach and depth of the ministries of PUMC that make a difference in so many lives.