Music Preview - October 24


On this Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost, Worship features a live performance of the hymn "This Is The Day" by Robert Lau (Psalm 118) given by the Children's Choir and Pianist Julia Hanna.  We will also sing the following hymns: "Welcome," written by Laurie Zelman and Mark A. Miller, music by Mark Miller; "Draw The Circle," with words by Gordon Light, and music by Mark Miller, and "We All Are One In Mission," with text by Rusty Edwards, and a Finnish folk melody; arr by Joel Martinson.


Join us at PUMC this Sunday at 10 am as we share in popular hymns, classical music, prayer, Scripture "Matthew 11:28-12:13," and Rev. Jenny Smith Walz's sermon on the topic "The Power of Embracing" from our new worship series "Feeding the Flock." 


                                Enjoy this Youtube video of "We All Are One In Mission."


Dr. Rusty Edwards, who was born in 1955 in Dixon, Illinois, wrote the hymn "We All Are One In Mission" in 1986, believing that mission is the work of the church, the entire body of Christ, and not just missionaries. Dr. Edwards is Senior Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Marietta, Georgia, and an Oblate of Pecos Benedictine Monastery in New Mexico. His hymns have been published in hymnals used by 30 denominations in Australia, Canada, China, England, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, and the USA. 
Written by Isabella Dougan