Music Preview - October 31


Join us for worship at PUMC at 10 am on Sunday, October 31, All Saints Eve. Although Monday, November 1, is All Saints Day, we will celebrate All Saints Day this Sunday.  Paul Manulik (violin) will perform the  Bach favorite, "Gavotte en Rondeau from the Partita No.3."  Hear Julia Hanna (piano) play beautiful classical music pieces and popular hymns that will soothe your soul. We will sing our particular all Saints Day song, "For All The Saints," written by William W. How (1823 -1897), with music by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872 -1958). Other hymns are "In Christ, There Is No East Or West," written by Michael Perry (1942-1996) with an African American melody; and "We Are God's People;" with text by Bryan Jeffrey Leech(1931) and music by Johannes Brahms(1833 - 1937).  At PUMC, we use different instruments and voices to glorify our God. 


     Enjoy this Youtube video of "For All The Saints."


English Bishop William Walsham How wrote the hymn "For All The Saints" in 1906 as a processional hymn for  All Saints' Day, based on Hebrews 12:1. Different tunes are attributed to the lyrics: Melody: "Sarum" by Joseph Barnby; "Sine Nomine" by Ralph Vaughan Williams; "Engleberg" by Charles Villiers Stanford. This beautiful hymn is so famous that 521 hymnals have published it.


William W. How served various congregations and became Suffragan Bishop in East London in 1879 and Bishop of Wakefield in 1888. Called both the "poor man's bishop" and the "children's bishop," Bishop How was known for his work among the needy in the London slums and the factory workers in West Yorkshire. 


During worship, this Sunday, when we celebrate All Saints Sunday,  we will remember deceased family members, friends, members of our church congregation, and all the saints who have passed on to eternity. 


Come listen to Scripture from "Hebrews 11:1-3; 13-16" and Rev. Jenny Smith Walz's sermon on the topic "The Power of One Relationship" from our new worship series "Feeding the Flock."  We look forward to worshipping with you and sharing the good news of God's love revealed through Jesus Christ. 


Written by Isabella Dougan