Quote of the Week - April 24


This quote is from Rev. Jenny Smith Walz's sermon on "Free from Fear," which she delivered on the Second Sunday after Easter, April 24, 2022, at Princeton United Methodist Church. She made this quote based on Scripture from John 20:19-31 and Acts 5:27-39. Pastor Jenny's sermon guides us through the scripture and helps us understand what was going on. She reminds us that God does forgive us when we sin, so we must also forgive others their sins. She challenges us to share this love story - Jesus's resurrection story - with others. In this way, we can transform the world.   


 "What then is our own resurrection story," asks PastorJenny. What miracle has happened in our life when we encountered Jesus that has removed fear from us and filled us with love? "The disciples couldn't believe Mary on Easter morning and couldn't convince Thomas of Christ's resurrection later in the evening. They soon realized that they had experienced something bigger than a miracle with Christ's death and resurrection," says Rev. Walz. How does God release us from sin, fear, and death? With Jesus' resurrection, God breathes new life into us and emboldens us to share this love story with others and change the world. 


This quote seems particularly relevant today when we think about the brokenness of our world and our desire to transform it. As Christians, we need to love God and our neighbors in a new and excellent way for this to happen. 


Watch our worship service here and listen to Pastor Jenny's sermon.


Written by Isabella Dougan