Quote of the Week - April 3


This quote is from Rev. Erik Skitch Matson's sermon on "Living As Whole Persons Among the Unreconciled" that he preached on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, April 3, 2022. He based his sermon on Scripture from Matthew 5:1-12 with particular reference to the last two Beatitudes. "Blessed are those who are finding and creating wholeness for themselves and others—Peacemakers—for they will be called Children of God, and Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." 


Rev. Matson made this quote in the context of the "forgiveness we believe needs to happen in the world, and the forgiveness we need in our lives." "Forgiveness is not easy, says Rev. Matson." "And if you start down the road towards Forgiveness, it may just disrupt the system, with people disagreeing with what you're doing," he adds.


Pastor Skitch reminds us that the Hebrew word for Peace, 'Shalom,' encapsulates not only Peace but also wholeness, harmony, completeness, and security. Peacemakers should therefore try to be Christlike, for Christ himself is Peace. 


This quote seems particularly relevant today when we think about the wars currently raging on in the world and the many problems occurring in our personal lives at the same time. Should it make you feel more deeply about the brokenness in society? Does it inspire you to fight for Peace and overcome hatred? Will it change your mind about how you can act differently in the future to earn the blessings of being God's children and inherit God's kingdom? 


Watch our worship service here and listen to Pastor Skitch's Sermon.


Written by Isabella Dougan