Quote of the Week - January 2


A quote by PUMC Online Campus Intern Tayler Necoechea on the Magi's visit, from her sermon on January 2, 2022. On Epiphany Sunday Tayler delivered her message based on Scripture from "Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12. She highlights the influence of the Magi's visit on Christians, which makes it quite applicable in today's society. Tayler added, "May we have the wonder and curiosity to follow Jesus' star and the openness and interest leading us to the King!". 


Yet Tayler reminds us that we cannot separate Epiphany this year from our reflections on the anniversary of January 6 and issues of concern and intense emotions that we still have surrounding the Capitol attack. Tayler nudged us, "We too are invited into a spiritual journey to follow the star, to be close to the Holy child. And we see Jesus showing up in our racial justice work, in our allyship, in the ordinary of our everyday lives."


We note that Tayler uses "wise people," referring to the Magi, who many believe were wise men. A stanza from Jan L. Richardson's Sanctuary of Women tells us, 

"Wise women also came,

and they went,

as wise women always do,

home a different way."


Epiphany celebrates the Magi's visit to the newborn Christ Child. The Maji fell and worshipped him and offered him gifts. We, too, as Christians, must worship the Lord and offer our spiritual gifts. Tayler points out that "following Jesus' star changed the Magi." Would that our spiritual journey and our life's journey change us too! 


 Click here to watch the service and listen to Tayler's sermon.


 Written by Isabella Dougan