Quote of the Week - June 19


This quote was from Pastor Hyelim Yoon when she preached about "Joy as Resistance" on Juneteenth Sunday, June 19, 2022, being the Second Sunday of Pentecost and also "Father's Day." She continued our sermon series "Contagious Joy" with her powerful message, "Joy is a practice we nurture in ourselves, for communal joy makes changes."


"Juneteenth was a day of deep joy, celebrating the real liberation of our country from slavery, but also a day of great pain, guilt, and shame," said Pastor Hyelim. "Because it creates such shame and pain, some people would rather not talk about it," she added. Yet, she encouraged us to always "remember the intersection of pain and joy that enabled us to dream of a new future towards liberation and healing." 


Avoiding the truth because it brings discomfort is not Jesus' style. When we know the truth, we can live free in Christ. Pastor Hyelim reminds us that we talk about Christ's crucifixion with joy and hope, knowing that the story does not end there. There is resurrection to follow. We should also be able to talk about the liberation of our country from slavery with joy and celebration because we know that there is freedom for all in the end. "So today, I walk you down this road that may cause some hurt and pain, not to trap any of us, but to set ourselves free by the truth. I invite you to face those hurts, guilt, shame, and grief. I ask you to anticipate how God will lead you to what is beyond - joy, liberation, and healing," concluded Pastor Hyelim.


In the Scripture from Psalms 42 and 43, the psalmist acknowledges that he suffers from depression and talks to God about it. Even though his enemies taunt him, saying that his God has abandoned him, he lets them know that he continues to stand in faith with God. The Israelites themselves are suffering and are reaching out to God for help by praying fervently. The psalmist teaches us that whenever we need help, we must pray to God, who can change things for us. We must recognize that Christ's death saved us from sin, but his resurrection made it official.


Watch our worship service and listen to Pastor Hyelim's sermon here.


Written by Isabella Dougan