Quote of the Week-March 27


A quote by PUMC Seminary Intern Alex Hoshino on explaining the Beatitudes, with particular emphasis on "Blessed are the merciful, and Blessed are the pure in heart. He delivered his Sermon, "Seeing Through God's Eyes," based on Scripture from Matthew 5:1-12, on the Fourth Sunday of Lent. As we continue our Lenten journey of Forgiveness, we must ask ourselves, "Are we are practicing forgiveness?" "While the forgiveness journey may seem impossibly daunting, it is not one we walk alone," says Hoshino. He encourages us to embody the spirit of forgiveness through God's perspective. Seeing the wounds received and inflicted through God's eyes allows us to see the scars of those who initially wound us. When we hold our 'wounders' in a cycle of resentment, we shut out God's grace.


Alex Hoshino reminds us that everyone inflicts and receives wounds, so forgiveness sets both the 'wounder' and the wounded free. Therefore, for all of us, Forgiveness should be the eventual goal. However, we must not forget that "wounds can be unimaginably painful, and people who wound can be unrepentant," Hoshino adds. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to forgive. Yet, we should show mercy whenever we're ready to receive God's mercy. 


Watch our worship service here and listen to Alex Hoshino's Sermon.


Written by Isabella Dougan