Quote of the Week - November 21


A quote by Claudio Da Silva from his sermon "Thanksgiving."  

Claudio delivered this message based on Scripture from "Psalm 95:1-7a" and "Psalm 100" at Princeton United Methodist Church on Laity Sunday, November 21, 2021. Claudio is aware of his suffering, yet he sees the suffering in others. 


Will we ever forget Claudio Da Silva's statement: "How can we praise and celebrate the creator and his creation when times are tough and painful? The never resolved racial injustice. The economic disparities where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. And the annihilation of the middle classes. How can we be happy when there's suffering and hunger in different parts of the world. Where can we find happiness in many regions less evoked in the mainstream media? "


Yet, Da Silva reminds us that "We are nothing without the other. We are nothing without our environment. And in reality, we are nothing without God." 


"The Lord is good, and God is love. We are in service to that good God. And that God is in service to us," states Claudio. And, he adds, "Don't wait to be fully happy to sing or to give thanks. Don't wait to be fully happy to live or to love. Don't wait for the world to be a paradise to be fully happy. And you will see that God has already given you peaceful happiness." We pray that Claudio's words of affirmation will help us change how we think.


Laity Sunday is when our laypeople plan and lead the entire worship service. This Sunday, Claudio Da Silva and Vinette Jones proclaimed the good news that inspired many. We thank both preachers for sharing God's love revealed through Jesus Christ with us. To watch the service, click here.


Written by Isabella Dougan