Quote of the Week - October 3


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz reminds us on World Communion Sunday, October 3, that "when God releases us from the firm grip of exile, we return to where we used to live. But it isn't always what it used to be." Life isn't the same. "We have to figure out a new way to live in the old spaces. We rediscover and reclaim God's ways in a new context," she adds.


The message here is that we return home and realize we have much to rejoice in and much about which to cry. We need healing, spiritual revival, and restoration of the homeland. To that end, we must reconnect with ourselves, with God, and with our community. We have to rebuild God's temple in our lives.


Watch Rev. Jenny Smith Walz preaching on Sunday, October 3, 2021, at PUMC, on the topic "Re-turn" based on Scripture from "Ezra 3:10-4:5" in continuation of the worship series "Emerging: From ExileToward Home."

Join us for worship at PUMC as we share the good news of God's love revealed through Jesus Christ. 


  Written by Isabella Dougan