Quote of the Week - September 23


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz tells us, "We find ourselves in a place where we try to grasp our grief and anger, remembering what it was like before the tragedy happened and also reflecting on the experience of being in any form of exile. Anger doesn't have to be as bad for us. Yet, we have to remember, and we have to tell our stories." We can all attest to Jesus' humanity because Jesus showed emotions throughout his life on earth, anger being one of them, making us more like Jesus. Pastor Jenny reminds us, "We read Bible stories of Jesus weeping and upturning tables in anger. Ultimately, we must trust God, asking God not to forsake us.”


Watch Rev. Jenny Smith Walz preaching on September 19, 2021, on the topic "In Exile (Re-set)" from our worship series "Emerging" and based on Scripture from  Psalm 137, which describes how people thrive in exile.


Written by Isabella Dougan