• Sunrise Service Live Worship at 6:30am on Facebook or by Phone (929-436-2866 | Meeting ID: 853-667-0465 | Password: 7862)
  • Sunrise Service Communion! – gather bread and juice, wine, or water ahead of time (along with your candle, cross, or bible to create your sacred space)
  • Live Worship at 10am on Facebook or by Phone (929-436-2866 | Meeting ID: 249-876-072 | Password: 7862)

Virtual Coffee Hour (After the 10am Worship Service)

Join us for a virtual coffee hour after the 10am worship service. There will be five Zoom call groups that you can join after worship, opening at 11:15am. Choose your group based on your favorite Easter flower by clicking on the link below.  

We’re planning for the groups to last for about half an hour, and hosts will break participants out into smaller groups of 3-4 people a couple of different times in our time together, sending them out to share around some prepared questions.

Hydrangea (Meeting ID: 405 440 6386, Password: pumc)

Azalea (Meeting ID: 354 434 534, Password: pumc)

Tulip (Meeting ID: 278 119 261, Password: pumc)

Lily (Meeting ID: 615 791 049, Password: pumc)

Daffodil OR Phone: 929 436 2866  (Meeting ID: 853 667 0465, Password: 7862  (alphanumeric version of pumc)