Church Library

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom and with gratitude in your hearts.” — Colossians 3:16

An Inventory of Church Library Books

Thanks to the Church Library Committee for their hard work in organizing and inventorying the books in our Library.  You may now download two files which you can use to see what books we have, sort in any way you like and keep on your home computer for future reference.

We will periodically update post an revised list, so please check back and see if there is a revised list for your use. Enjoy!

In the library you will find a wide range of topics: Bible study, commentaries and other resources, devotionals and prayer books, resources for parents, church and Methodist histories, biographies, fiction, church life, and a host of books for various aspects of personal spiritual development and persevering through life’s challenges.

If you see something you would like, the library is open any time the church is. It is located in Room 201, just outside the Sanford Davis Room. There is no borrowing time limit, so keep books as long as they are being useful for you. We just ask that you follow the check out instructions which are posted in the library.

If you do not see what you were hoping for, we would like to know about it! Please send any suggestions for subjects or specific titles that are of interest to you to the Library Committee, or talk to one of us at church. And if you are excited about the library and would like to help us get the word out, please consider joining the committee — no library experience required.

Books for Children

Should you pray to win your baseball game? That’s a question Sunday School teachers and parents often struggle with. I found a good answer when I test-drove some of the new children’s books in the PUMC library by reading them to our visiting 5-year-old granddaughter.

Now I can heartily recommend Follow God’s Word, in the Berenstain Bears series, by Jan & Mike Berenstain, published by Zonderkidz. Five longish well-illustrated stories, each accompanied by a Bible verse, entertainingly cover the Christian basics: God Loves You, the Golden Rule, Kindness Counts, and go to Sunday School. In the “Say Your Prayers” story the pitcher (Cousin Fred) strikes out the star hitter (The Beast) after appearing to pray. Encouraged, Brother Bear prays for a hit — but strikes out! It turns out that Cousin Fred prayed — not to strike out the Beast — but that he wouldn’t get too scared.

Another hit at our house was Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Children of God Storybook Bible, with 56 stories, engagingly told, each with a Bible reference, a devotional thought, and a prayer. Each story is on two facing pages, and the gorgeous illustrations (in varied styles by different artists) take up more space than the text. And — as a parent —  it’s a blessing to have the prayer and thought handy, ready for you to choose the right theme for a particular day. For instance, “Jesus Blesses the Little Children” refers to Mark 10 with the phrase “God loves a child’s welcoming heart” and the sentence prayer, “Dear God, help me to see your dream.”

These books — and many more — are available for you to check out in the PUMC library!

Barbara F.

Our Church’s Music Library

As the name implies, the Annette R Organ Music Library includes collections of organ music donated to PUMC by Annette, a retired organist and currently an assistant registrar at Westminster Choir College.

The library includes organ music pieces — J.S. Bach to Louis Vierne — and a vast amount of hymn arrangements by Gilbert M. Martin, Dale Wood, Gordon Young, Paul Manz and many more. So far over 150 books (more than 2000 sub-titles) have been cataloged. When the work is completed, there is expected to be over 250 books (more than 3000 sub-titles) recorded.

For additional information, please contact our Director of Music