Circle of Care

Circle of Care provides services and support to individuals or families who find themselves in acute distress due to illness, injury or family stress. Services include meals, transportation, visits, or other support for a family.
Since the onset of the stay at home order, we have expanded our ministry to contacting every member or family unit in the congregation (either directly or indirectly through committees, Sunday School classes or small groups). We meet once a week (via Zoom) to discuss those who may have needs for care. Having established that all seem to be safe and healthy, we now are moving on to providing support to any who are struggling with the isolation, depression and anxiety through encouraging cards and calls, prayer buddies, or Stephen Ministers (as they are closely aligned and well qualified for this ministry). Growth and Membership is also in touch, as we check and cross check our lists and databases for any of our family who has not been contacted for needed support.
The Circle of Care is made up of around 12-15 volunteers who have responded to the contact cards, etc. offering to help. These folk were recruited for the committee due to their involvement in the life and “circles”of the church (inc. Circle of Friends, UMM, prayer chain, CCK, Adult Ed). That is: they know a lot of people and know a lot of what’s going on across and within the church family.