Summer Pick-Up Choir

Sing to the Lord, all the world!  Sing to the Lord, and praise Him!  Proclaim very day the good news that He has saved us!” — Psalm 96:1-2 (TEV)

Come Out and Join the Summer Pick-Up Choir!

During the summer months, special music will be presented by a “Pick up” choir.  Anyone is welcome to join us for rehearsals at 9:00 AM  and to sing at 10:00 AM.  If you are unable to make a yearly commitment this would be a great time to try singing in the choir!  Feel free to come on a week-by-week basis.  And don’t forget that during the summer, you’ll want to come a few minutes before 10:00 for a pre-service hymn sing.

For additional information please contact We hope you will join us for this valuable and fun learning experience!