United Front Against Riverblindness

Logo for the United Front Against RiverblindnessThe United Front Against Riverblindness (UFAR) is a ministry whose Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Shungu, is a member of our church. Dr. Shungu, a retired Merck employee, wanted to give something back to the residents of the Democratic Republic of the Congo — where he was born.  Read more about the work of this important ministry which delivers Mectizan (used to prevent new cases and arrest the progress of existing cases of Riverblindness –  Onchocerciasis) to the residents of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by visiting the Riverblindness website.

It’s through UFAR that the church has been channeling its support. In addition to moral, spiritual and financial support, several church members are using their talents and volunteering as UFAR Board members.


A photo of a Village Chief in the Congo in the Village we adopted.

We adopted a village in the Congo. This is the Chief and his family.

We Have Adopted a Village in the Congo

We have Adopted a Village under UFAR’s program.  To the left is a photo of the Chief Angiya and his family.  To learn more about the Adopt A Village Program, please visit this page on the UFAR website.


News of Dr. Shungu’s Travels and Work in the Congo

If you would like to learn more about the work of the United Front Against Riverblindness, we encourage you to visit the UFAR website.

Fundraisers Throughout the Year

Every year we work with UFAR on an “African Soiree” to raise funds to support the United Front Against Riverblindness. The event includes authentic African food – prepared by members and friends of Princeton UMC.

UFAR usually has a table where they sell African art, jewelry and other items at Communiversity. Check the UFAR website for information on upcoming fundraisers.