Marathon Training: Endurance For Life! In this sermon series we will hold up a mirror for honest self-examination. We like to comfort ourselves with the fact that we haven’t committed any “big” sins, like murder, theft, adultery, etc., but what makes the seven deadly sins perhaps more incisive than the 10 commandments is their smallness, their personalness. The seven are the quiet internal root of so many other sins, and that’s why we will explore them within the image of preparing for a marathon.

January 12 – Thinking About Sin
January 19 – Envy vs. Contentment
January 26 – Pride vs. Humility
February 2 – Anger vs. Forgiveness
February 9 – Greed vs. Gratitude
February 16 – Sloth vs. Spiritual Discipline
February 23 – Gluttony vs. Spiritual Appetite March 2 Lust vs. Love