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January 15 Update

Weave Us Together. 🧶

More thank yous. 🙏

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Dear Beloved PUMC Community, 
So those who welcomed his message were baptized, and that day about three thousand persons were added. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. 
~Acts 2:41-42

Weave Us Together: Envisioning a More Beloved Community

Please watch my video for my reflection. 

Some highlights:

  • Last Sunday we remembered and renewed our baptism!  We enter into a covenant when we are baptized.
  • When we are baptized, we are baptized into a particular community in which we learn to live into and out of our baptism and our belovedness. Even if we are not in the same congregation in which we we were baptized, as we choose to join the church or engage deeply with it, we choose this as the community of our baptismal covenant. (which is why the ritual for becoming a member of the church mirrors so closely the rituals for baptism and confirmation.) Indeed, we believe we can’t truly live into and out of our baptism on our own!
  • This is one of many reasons we need a faith community. And in this season after Epiphany, from now until Lent begins on February 17, we’ll be engaging in the worship series I’ve entitled “Weave Us Together: Envisioning a More Beloved Community”. I’m inviting us to look at OUR PUMC community in particular in this series, and how WE can be more of a beloved community for one another and for those beyond our church family.
  • As I reflect on the difficult things that have happened already in 2021, particularly those events at the US Capitol last Wednesday (Epiphany), and as I anticipate the possibilities of the coming week with the inauguration, I reflect about how I need my beloved faith community in these times in particular. [Note: this is NOT about partisanship, not about Republicans and Democrats. The events of last Wednesday and the speculation about the kind of disruption that is rumored next week is not about partisan politics. These are events and actions that show a breech in our country and in our country’s leadership that go far beyond differences of opinion or policy, and into spaces of deep harm to persons, personhood, humanity, dignity, freedom, justice, order, peace, life, liberty, and more.]
  • I need my faith community to talk about and reflect on these matters with me. To grieve and lament together, to ask questions and understand together, to look at events through the lens of our discipleship as followers of Christ. I need others to ask me questions and challenge me, to invite me to see things differently and with my God-Vision Goggles on. I need others to help me with real life stuff as a beloved child of God and to help me see others as beloved children of God. I need others to help me love God, others, myself, and all of creation the way Jesus does. I can’t do it on my own.
  • So I invite you to consider how PUMC is already a beloved community for you, along these lines.  And I invite you to imagine how we need to grow more to become the beloved community that we are called to be by God, for your sake, and that of the others who God has brought into this place.

Coming Up in Worship – Who will YOU invite?

This Sunday:  January 17 – 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany – Weave Us Together in Compassion 

The elected leaders of our beloved PUMC are being commissioned (virtually) in worship on Sunday. You can find a list of those leaders here. Every faith community needs leaders, and we are enormously blessed by the incredible and many leaders we have among us!

MANY THANKS to the Circle of Care!

This team that was newly launched in the fall of 2019 came about after discerning that we needed and wanted to strengthen our congregational care network. This, of course, was far ahead of the COVID pandemic, and thus a testament to God’s prevenient grace at work. For when the pandemic did hit, we had a group of commissioned leaders all with beautiful gifts of caring ready to reach out on behalf of the congregation, doing their / our very best to make sure everyone had what they needed, was able to connect to worship, and knew that we were ready to help with connection, prayer, and basic necessities, like groceries.  This team has done a beautiful job, particularly through the socially distanced holiday season, helping to weave our community together through this challenging time. (Circle of Care Members: LaVerna Albury (Chair / Congregational Care Coordinator), Helen Curtis, Larry Curtis, Sharon DiStase, Dana Dreibelbis, Doug Fullman, Karen Longo-Baldwin, Yvonne Macdonald, Beth Perrine.)

Newcomers Group is starting January 31 – Help Needed!

We will hold a five-session series for our Newcomers, which will share more about PUMC, the greater United Methodist Church, what Discipleship is and how to go about it. It will also help people to get to know one another and make connections, which we pray will be the seeds of deeper relationships among our beloved PUMC community. This group will also prepare people for membership at PUMC, and participants will be invited to consider joining the church at the end.And we need your help as we get the word out about this! Because we are worshiping virtually, and because people no longer have to be local to fully participate in the life of the church, it’s much more challenging to figure out who our Newcomers are.  Please share with us the names of anyone you’ve been inviting or connecting with in the life of our church who might be interested in our Newcomers Group!  It would help us so much, and isn’t it exciting to share this that is so important in your life with others you love too? And isn’t it amazing that people no longer have to be local to the Princeton area to share this with you?

Surround Zion with 💗 throughout her Bone Marrow Transplant

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Prayer – Zion has passed the crucial 3 month mark post-transplant!! We rejoice in that and also keep her in our prayers, as she still has a long journey ahead. Continued prayers for Sara and Debbie as well, and this is a very difficult and challenging time for them.
  • Cards are welcome.