PUMC 2020 Audit

We need your help!

Friends, we are working hard to make sure we have accurate, up-to-date information about every person in our PUMC community, so that we can give our best energy and resources to the care and discipleship of those who call PUMC home. To that end, please fill out this form to update your contact and demographic information. This should be fairly quick and painless. But if you have any questions or trouble, contact the Breeze Team for help.

You may wonder why we are asking for this. All United Methodist Churches are required to audit their membership roles yearly and to submit membership and demographic statistical data twice a year. Also, church staff and leaders need an accurate directory of our members and constituents in order to be effective in our ministry. Inaccuracies and holes in our database undermine our ability to know who our community is and how to best use our resources. It keeps us from knowing who needs to be connected into our network of congregational care and who we are seeking to encourage in their discipleship. 

Here is the link to the update form once again. Your response here is one crucial step of many efforts to update our database and help our church have the tools we need to continue to thrive. Thank you, thank you for your help in making sure our records and understanding of our current congregation are as accurate as possible.

We will greatly appreciate if you would complete this form for each member of your household as soon as possible.


Peace and love, 

Rick Engel, Chair of the Membership and Growth Ministry Team
Christine Shungu, Chair of the Breeze Team
Jenny Smith Walz, Lead Pastor