Grace Upon Grace

There’s perhaps no time in the year that feels as scarce as the season just before Christmas. Our need for Jesus is deeply evident, even as we prepare for Christ’s coming. What if we were to choose to practice abundance, even in the midst of this “season of scarcity”? What if we were able to focus on God’s abundant peace, hope, joy, and love this season? How might it change us and our Christmas celebrations?

How Does Our Garden Grow?

 Our beloved community garden is watered as we immerse ourselves in our community, pouring out upon it our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, our witness. But perhaps most of all, our garden grows because of the living water of Jesus Christ bubbling up within and flowing through us, the waters of our baptism, bringing us to the fullness of life. 


Perspective is one of the easiest things to lose when life is challenging. We struggle to honor the perspectives of one another, and perhaps even struggle to know what we ourselves think. Together we’ll explore how we compassionately  hold our own unique perspectives alongside others.

Summer Sermons

Join us in exploring the Gospel of Luke and learning from the words of Jesus, including the Parable of the Rich Fool and the Lord's Prayer.

Contagious Joy

We sing about joy, we talk about joy, especially at Christmas and Easter. It’s been said that Christians should be the most joyful people around. And yet joy eludes many of us.  . . . . 

Building Bridges

Join us as we look for Jesus right in our own community, trusting we will find the resurrected one. Let’s weave the good news of God’s love and new life into the fabric of our community.

Powerful Purpose

Explore your God-Given Purpose through the Epiphany season. Discover more of who you are, learn to let your life speak, and hear more deeply your individual and collective vocations.

Art Incarnate

God, by nature, is creative. We who are created in imago dei are also creative by nature, whether we know it or not. As we anticipate and remember God's incarnation in Christ, we explore art and artistry, creation and creativity.

Feeding the Flock

How are we spiritually fed by our faith community? How are we feeding others? Consider these questions as we consider the ways we draw the circle wide, mentor one another, and build partnerships. 


Home as we knew it is no more. Hear Jesus' invitation to follow him as he leads our emergence from exile toward our true home. An interactive journal accompanies this series.


God calls us to become a jubilee community, an even more Beloved Community, practicing sabbath, freedom, forgiveness, justice, joy, celebration, abundance, and shalom.

Broken Things

Kintsugi is the ancient art of fixing broken pottery with gold. While we are all broken people, God's love and grace can make us stronger in those broken places.



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