Join us on Sundays at 10 am with Pastor Jenny or at 10:30 am with Pastor Skitch as they begin our Advent series,


"Art Incarnate" 


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Feeding the Flock

How are we spiritually fed by our faith community? How are we feeding others? Consider these questions as we consider the ways we draw the circle wide, mentor one another, and build partnerships. 


Home as we knew it is no more. Hear Jesus' invitation to follow him as he leads our emergence from exile toward our true home. An interactive journal accompanies this series.


God calls us to become a jubilee community, an even more Beloved Community, practicing sabbath, freedom, forgiveness, justice, joy, celebration, abundance, and shalom.

Broken Things

Kintsugi is the ancient art of fixing broken pottery with gold. While we are all broken people, God's love and grace can make us stronger in those broken places.


Weave Us Together

How is God calling Princeton UMC to build a more Beloved Community? How are we called to build a more Beloved Community in the greater Princeton area? In our broader world?


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