Advent Devotional

Check out this amazing resource to support you through our Advent series: Art Incarnate. Take part in spiritual practices that equip you in encountering incarnation through creative arts and be inspired by profiles of artists from the Princeton UMC church family.

Family Advent Calendar

Make a new creation each day of Advent with this Art Incarnate Family Advent Calendar! Please share your creations on "God's Refrigerator Door" at the church or in the online campus.


"Creator Who Resides in Our Hearts"

God, the creator, incarnated among creations as the Word, Our Lord Jesus Christ. God continues to create and transform our world through love and hope among us.

Gen 1:1-8, 23-27 & John 1:1-5,10-18


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston


"We Too Are God-Bearers"

God comes fully-embodied in the person of Jesus, born into this world by the body (and whole person) of Mary. Our bodies too, leap at the recognition of Jesus and bear God to others.

Luke 1:26-45


Pastor Rebekah Anderson, Princeton

Pastor Rebekah Anderson, Kingston


"The Potter Who is Coming

to Make Us Potters"

Jesus, the potter of Creation, has come to mold us into beautiful and lively creatures, who in turn participate in creating beauty and life in this world.

Luke 3:1-6; Isaiah 64:1-9


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Pastora Ashley Gonzalez, Kingston


"Windows to the Divine"

Icons immerse us in the divine Mystery of God’s incarnation, allowing us to explore, experience, and wonder at “God With Us”

Luke 1:46-55; Isaiah 61:1-4; 8-11


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton


"The Storyteller Who Invites

us to Live Out the Story"

God’s creativity invites us to live the story incarnationally--embodied--inviting us to retell the story over and over in hundreds of thousands of new ways!

Luke 2:1-14


Kingston Pageant Cast