Arise, Shine!

The gifts of Epiphany are many, and today we are particularly invited to receive and unwrap the gifts of revelation, joy, and wonder (or curiosity!).

Isaiah 6:1-6

Matthew 2:1-12


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston


Water and Spirit

Baptism invites  us to step into the Divine mystery, as we experience a relationship with  God for ourselves,  and are united  with  others.

Matthew 3:13-17


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton


Sent to Whom?

Through the guidance of the Spirit, we are sent to proclaim God’s love to people that others may never want us—or anyone—to visit, subverting the norms of the day.

Luke 4:14-30


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston


Turn to Curiosity

Conflict abounds in our world, and in that of Jesus. The authorities who criticized Jesus often asked questions, and Jesus often answered them (often with more questions). What would have happened if the authorities had asked with actual curiosity and openness, rather than to have their certainties confirmed?

Mark 2:1-17


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Pastor Jae Hong, Kingston


Two Stories: God's Story With Us

Scripture has two creation stories right next to one another–they are metaphors for how we understand God and God’s relationship with us (love and relationships for creation, not bowing down to “God”),  not for how we understand Science.

Genesis 2:4b-8, 15-17


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston


The Unexpected

Like when Yeast is added to flour, the Kingdom of Heaven is transformative in ways we don’t always expect. We are invited to slow down, listen, and notice. 

Luke 13:20-21


Rev. Tayler Necoechea, Princeton

Rev. Tayler Nechoechea, Kingston

Dance With Doubt

For many people of faith, doubt, and even curiosity, have been shunned and shamed. But there is a lot about our faith and our God that doesn’t make a lot of sense and isn’t verifiable by science. Grounded, resilient faith relies on doubt and curiosity to deepen, strengthen, and enliven it. Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but certainty just might be.

Exodus 3:1-14, 4:1-13


Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Pivot the Plan

When things seem to be fantastic, when Jesus is in our midst, are we willing to be curious about pivoting our plan so that we can follow Jesus even if it sounds different than what we’re “used” to, or “expecting” in the moment?

Mark 9:2-10


Mickey Hamilton, Princeton

Elyse Horn, Kingston