Lenten Devotional


Check out this amazing resource to support you through our Lenten series: Restore.

Take part in daily spiritual sabbath practices that equip you in finding restoration and renewal.

A Sabbath Season

As we enter this season of Lent, a season of confession, fasting, restoration, we are invited to the practice and discipline of Sabbath.  The practice of sabbath holds the hope of restoration, redemption, forgiveness, flourishing, and life from death.

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Psalm 51:1-17

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Sabbath for Life (and Death)

We’ve got a BIG problem with rest–it’s rarely restful, and it highlights our difficulty with accepting grace in any form. God’s Sabbath for humans  (re:  grace) comes before any work we can do in response to God’s love.  We were created on Day 6, and on  the first day we could show  God how Very Good we really are in our work (Day 7), we are invited to rest. To receive Grace first.

Genesis 1:26 - 2:3

Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Sabbath for Ourselves

True rest can take effort. As the author of Hebrews reminds us, God calls each one of us to make every effort  to enter God’s Holy Rest,  putting  down our usual work. 

Hebrews 4:1-11

Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Sabbath for Neighbors

Since the Exodus, Sabbath has been something for the community to practice – to remember to treat others with the Grace that God has offered to each one of us, whether they are our family, workers, or foreigners living in this land. When we don’t practice Sabbath, we easily become the Empire God set us free from.

Deuteronomy 5:1-15

Rev. Tayler Necoechea, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Sabbath for Land

In Leviticus, God calls for the complete rest of the land. Rest is climate action because radical rest demands healing, such as healing for the Earth. 

Leviticus 25:1-7

Pastor Jae Hong, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston

Sabbath for the World

At the heart of God’s desire for us is the flourishing and fulfillment of life, delight, joy, peace. Sabbath is meant to free us from injustice and oppression for just this type of existence.  And so sabbath is meant to be practiced in all areas of our daily activity, including our economic practices. Without this, we all remain in the bonds of injustice and oppression.

Psalm 146; Matthew 19:16-30

Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Mickey Hamilton, Kingston

Sabbath for All Creation

In Jesus’s Passion all of creation is freed for sabbath, freed from sin and violence. Jesus’ death (and resurrection) make possible a new way of being (the original way of being), restoring all creation to its original intent - to delight in God’s joy, peace, and presence.

Matthew 21:1-11; Revelation 21:1-7

Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton

Rev. Skitch Matson, Kingston