Come explore the intersection of faith and public life as we ask some of the following: How does our discipleship shape our citizenship? What role do “Christian Values” play in society, especially when it can often feel that they are being eroded? How do we navigate deep and painful divides (political, racial, economic, gender, etc.) in our world? How do we bring healing and bear loving witness in this contentious context? What does God have to say about all of this? How might we approach issues like immigration, climate change, the international community, as Christian Americans?

Continue our year-long practice of discernment with these challenges and questions. Discover practical tools for disagreeing in love and possibly even strengthening our community in the midst of disagree- ment. Practice using our “Wesleyan Quadrilateral” of scripture, tradition, reason, and experience, to in- form actions, responses, conversations and more. Find hope and be a hope-filled witness in a world that is as divisive and challenged as ever.